Saturday, May 24, 2014


Playlist: Crossover Prog

By Diego Camargo

Sometimes, people get confused with Progressive Rock sub-genres.

As a friend used to say: “but it’s not everything Prog?” Yes, it is my friends. But what you have to understand is that Progressive Rock became so big with the passing of decades that we now have almost 20 sub-genres within it.

I’ll not try to explain it with words, you can find this explanations on Progarchives (HERE), for example. What I’ll do here in this series of playlists is to actually show you what kind of music we’re talking about.

I organized playlists for each sub-genre using Spotify (sorry if you can’t listen to it), where each playlist will have 20 songs (from all periods) that I think are essential to understand the sub-genre we’re discussing at the moment.

The first one will be Crossover Prog. You can find the playlist below, enjoy and if you have any suggestion please leave us a comment, it doesn’t hurt!

If you don't have a Spotify account just go their WEBSITE and be happy!


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