Friday, May 30, 2014


Playlist: Progressive Pop

By Diego Camargo

Now, I understand that many people (and many websites) don't consider this a sub-genre.

But for me this is a branch that doesn't fit into Crossover Prog, as many websites claim. Progressive Pop (or Soft Prog) is a completely different sub-genre that has one only goal: mix the sophistication of Progressive Rock with the acceptance and mass appeal of Pop Rock. Most of this bands did very well with charts and sold many records.

You'll notice in this playlist that most of the bands here are completely different from Crossover Prog (HERE) that's why I decided to do a different playlist.

Once again I organized a playlist using Spotify (sorry if you can’t listen to it), where you'll have 20 songs (from all periods) that I think are essential to understand the sub-genre we’re discussing at the moment.

This is the second Playlist, you can find all of the others HERE. Enjoy and if you have any suggestion please leave us a comment, it doesn’t hurt!

If you don't have a Spotify account just go their WEBSITE and be happy!


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