Saturday, June 28, 2014


Progshine's World Cup 2014 - Phase 1

So, the second phase of the football World Cup 2014 starts today!

Now, some people will tell me that Progressive Rock and Football has nothing in common... and I'll agree!
But lists are fun and this is a good opportunity to show people around the world the best Progressive Rock made in a completely different place than the one we live in.

Having that in mind we prepared a great Survey for you to participate and help Progshine to find the champion on our musical World Cup.

It's very simple, all you have to do is go through our Survey that is attached below or open it up in a full screen RIGHT HERE.

In this Survey you'll have two option per page with two countries and the bands that represent those countries (all the countries participating are exactly the same as in the official World Cup Brazil 2014). The bands chosed are bands/artists who were formed in that particular country.
All options have videos for you to listen to the bands music, if you don't know them, and decide upon that. After that you click Continue and do the same for the next matches.

I hope you'll fun as we here on Progshine had preparing and researching this special Article :)


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