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News: Imagery Starts Recordings For Their New Album

The album will be successor of the their debut distributed in Europe, USA and Asia by Cleopatra Records.

The biggest power trio of the Brazilian Progressive Rock scene is back in the studios. Joceir Bertoni (vocal/guitar), Ricardo Fanucchi (bass) and Bruno Pamplona (vocal/drums) are already locked in Play Rec Pause Studios in Londrina/Brazil to record the new Imagery album.

Still untitled, the new effort will be the second of the band's career, successor of the highly acclaimed debut The Inner Journey (2012), that was nominated for Dynamite Prize as one of the "Best Brazilian Heavy Metal Albums" of 2012. You can read the Progshine review of the album HERE.

According to Joceir Bertoni, the moment for the recording of the second album could not be better. "The release party of The Inner Journey (2012) happened with a support show for Focus in 2012. We finished the tour for this album with two more wonderful shows with Focus in Curitiba and Florianopolis. This, added to the great feedback in terms of sales and also critical, in Brazil and abroad, have given us the motivation to start recording the new album with the best possible energy."

Joceir is really right on highlighting the feedback that The Inner Journey (2012) got on the media. After all, in numerous reviews the record received maximum rates, including Rock On Stage that also published that Imagery "owes nothing to bands such as Dream Theater." On international press the reception was not different. The U.S. site Critical Jazz stated that Imagery" is one of the few bands working in the field of progressive rock with the ability to keep the music fresh and revigorating."

Like in the debut, the production of the new album will be signed by the experienced Brazilian producer Julio Anizelli (Cluster Sisters, Mamaquilla, Terra Celta).
One of the tracks from the new album, titled "Blinded Nation", will be released as virtual single in a few months.

Source: Press release

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