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News: Jupiter Apple Release His First DVD

Jupiter Apple, king of Brazilian Psychedelic underground, releases his debut DVD.

Jupiter Apple (or Jupiter Maçã, as he is also known in Brazil) has been a vital and hugely influential figure for a long time in Brazil. Gliding effortlessly from Pop to Rock to Tropicalismo, Bossa Nova and Psychedelic Rock, singing in both Portuguese and English, he is always innovative and constantly on the cutting edge of pop culture.
Jupiter has attained almost god-like status in the Brazilian underground scene and has received the acclaim of renowned artists like Stereolab and Caetano Veloso.
Singer/songwriter, musician and filmmaker, Jupiter Apple (known at the time as Flavio Basso) started his career with the legendary Brazilian rock band TNT, later going on to form Os Cascavelettes. In 1996 he went solo, changing his name to Jupiter Maçã and released his psychedelic flavoured debut A Efervescência which would later be voted by Rolling Stone Magazine as one of the “100 most important Brazilian albums of all time”.

On November 23th 2011, Jupiter Apple recorded his first alive DVD called Six Colours Frenesi (2014) in Opinião Bar, a Rock And Roll mecca in Porto Alegre, Brazil.

Backed by a competent band, formed by Julio Sasquatt (drums), Julio Cascaes (guitar), Felipe Faraco (bass) and Astronaut Penguin (keyboards), the show was recorded in Porto Alegre in just one shot. With the special guests as Nei Van Soria, Lucio Vassarath, Hique Gomes, Marcio Petracco, Clara Averbuck, Hamburg Black Cats and Bibiana Graeff, the DVD features 20 songs.

1. Modern Kid
2. Querida Superhist X Mr. Frog
3. Síndrome De Pânico
4. ...So You Leave The Hall
5. Little Raver
6. Beatle George
7. Plataforma 6
8. As Tortas E As Cucas
9. Eu E Minha Ex
10. A Lad & A Maid In The Bloom
11. Mademoiselle Marchand
12. Lobo da Espete
13. Lovely Riverside
14. Six Colours Frenesi
15. Calling All Bands!
16. Essência Interior
17. Head Head
18. A Marchinha Psicótica De Dr. Soup
19. Cachorro Louco
20. Um lugar do Caralho

The DVD was the result of a teamwork organized by Roberto Rubim ( Executive Producer ) with a little help from the musicians friends: Cultural production by Clegue França, Photos by Zé Roberto Muniz,  graphic designer Rafael Cony, Post-production by Pyra Films and sound mastering by Estudios de Thomas Dreher in Porto Alegre. The initiative also had sponsorship by 1001 Cupom De Descontos a coupon codes website from Brazil.

To buy your copy you can go to the musicians Facebook page HERE or through Mercado Livre RIGHT HERE.

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  1. Demais. Ducaralho. Viva Flávio Basso. Viva Júpiter Maçã. Viva Júpiter Apple.


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