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Best Of 2014 (So Far) - Part 2

By Diego Camargo

The first part of our retrospective article was a sucess so it's time for the first 25 positions so far.

If you lost the first part, don't worry, you can CLICK HERE and check the positions between 50 and 26.

Remember that this list is based on votes, so this will change till the end of the year and that's why I'll do another one in December. Here you'll find the 50 best positions within all the Progressive Rock subgenres with videos and links for you to decided if you should check the bands or not.

PS1. To understand how RYM calculate their ratings please take a look HERE.

25. Merkabah - Moloch

Band: Merkabah
Album: Moloch
Country: Canada
Label: Instant Classic
Subgenre: Progressive Metal

24. The Watch - Tracks From The Alps

Band: The Watch
Album: Tracks From The Alps
Country: Italy
Label: Pick Up Records
Subgenre: Symphonic Prog

23. Crippled Black Phoenix - White Light Generator

Band: Crippled Black Phoenix
Album: White Light Generator
Country: UK
Label: Cool Green
Subgenre: Post Rock/Space Rock

22. Perfect Beings - Perfect Beings

Band: Perfect Beings
Album: Perfect Beings
Country: USA
Label: Self released
Subgenre: Crossover Prog

21. RPWL - Wanted

Band: RPWL
Album: Wanted
Country: Germany
Label: Gentle Art Of Music
Subgenre: Neo Prog

20. Marty Friedman - Inferno

Band: Marty Friedman
Album: Inferno
Country: USA
Label: Prosthetic
Subgenre: Progressive Metal

19. Teramaze - Esoteric Symbolism

Band: Teramaze
Album: Esoteric Symbolism
Country: Australia
Label: Nightmare
Subgenre: Progressive Metal

18. Appearance Of Nothing - A New Beginning

Band: Appearance Of Nothing
Album: A New Beginning
Country: Switzerland
Label: Power Prog
Subgenre: Progressive Metal

17. Cormorant - Earth Diver

Band: Cormorant
Album: Earth Diver
Country: USA
Label: Self released
Subgenre: Progressive Metal

16. We All Die (Laughing) - Thoughtscanning

Band: We All Die (Laughing)
Album: Thoughtscanning
Country: Belgium
Label: Kaotoxin
Subgenre: Progressive Metal

15. Ian Anderson - Homo Erraticus

Band: Ian Anderson
Album: Homo Erraticus
Country: UK
Label: Kscope
Subgenre: Progressive Folk

14. Fabio Zuffanti - La Quarta Vittima

Band: Fabio Zuffanti
Album: La Quarta Vittima
Country: Italy
Label: AMS
Subgenre: Symphonic Prog

13. Bigelf - Into The Maelstrom

Band: Bigelf
Album: Into The Maelstrom
Country: USA
Label: InsideOut
Subgenre: Heavy Prog

12. Vanishing Point - Distant Is The Sun

Band: Vanishing Point
Album: Distant Is The Sun
Country: Australia
Label: AFM Records
Subgenre: Progressive Metal

11. Animals As Leaders - The Joy Of Motion

Band: Animals As Leaders
Album: The Joy Of Motion
Country: USA
Label: Sumerian
Subgenre: Progressive Metal

10. A.C.T - Circus Pandemonium

Band: A.C.T
Album: Circus Pandemonium
Country: Sweden
Label: Avalon
Subgenre: Crossover Prog

9. Vanden Plas - Chronicles Of The Immortals - Netherworld (Path 1)

Band: Vanden Plas
Album: Chronicles Of The Immortals - Netherworld (Path 1)
Country: Germany
Label: Frontiers
Subgenre: Progressive Metal

8. FEM Prog Band - Sulla Bolla Di Sapone

Band: FEM Prog Band
Album: Sulla Bolla Di Sapone
Country: Italy
Label: Fading/AltrOck
Subgenre: Heavy Prog

7. Anubis Gate - Horizons

Band: Anubis Gate
Album: Horizons
Country: Denmark
Label: Nightmare
Subgenre: Progressive Metal

6. Transatlantic - Kaleidoscope

Band: Transatlantic
Album: Kaleidoscope
Country: Multinational
Label: Radiant Records/Metalblade
Subgenre: Symphonic Prog

5. Dream The Electric Sleep - Heretics

Band: Dream The Electric Sleep
Album: Heretics
Country: USA
Label: Self released
Subgenre: Crossover Prog

4. Voyager - V

Band: Voyager
Album: V
Country: Australia
Label: Bird's Robe
Subgenre: Progressive Metal

3. Gazpacho - Demon

Band: Gazpacho
Album: Demon
Country: Norway
Label: Kscope
Subgenre: Crossover Prog

2. IQ - The Road Of Bones

Band: IQ
Album: The Road Of Bones
Country: UK
Label: Giant Electric Pea
Subgenre: Neo Prog

1. Mastodon - Once More 'Round The Sun

Band: Mastodon
Album: Once More 'Round The Sun
Country: USA
Label: Reprise
Subgenre: Progressive Metal

Second part coming soon! Do you agree? You don't? Please comment bellow and let's discuss about it! And till the next article in the end of the year!


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