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News: Kotebel Release New Live Album And Announce Concert Dates

Kotebel releases its first live album.

The Spanish band Kotebel is releasing their first live album. Live At Prog-Résist 2013 (2014) features a complete rendition of our concert at the 2013 edition of Prog-Résiste Convention in Belgium.
Initially the album will only be available as a digital download, from the band's Bandcamp page, but depending on how things go along the way a physical edition may be done.

The repertoire of the album will also be performed at the band 3 concerts in the USA during the last week of August:

- August 26 - Dunellen New Jersey - Roxy & Dukes (This concert is organized by NJ Proghouse)
- August 27 - Washington DC - Millennium Stage, Kennedy Center. (This concert will allow the band to perform their Piano Concerto in its natural setting - using a Grand Piano - and will be streamed live)
- August 30 - Chapel Hill, North Carolina - ProgDay Festival

1. Hades - 5'07
2. Adagio Maestoso - 12'03
3. Lento Cantabile - 7'28
4. Vivo Scherzando - 9'28
5. Allegro Moderato - 14'34
6. The Flight Of The Hippogriff - Part II - 4'39
7. Satyrs - 7'51
8. Simurgh - 14'21
9. Amphisbaena - 7'54

Check the album stream below and to get your digital copy (in MP3, Flac, Alac, Ogg and others) click RIGHT HERE.

Source: Press release

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