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News: Mystery Release Live Album In October

Canadian band Mystery will release double live album in October.

Canadian band Mystery is releasing a live album before continue its history with their NEW VOCALIST. This is the first live album of the band.

Tales From The Netherlands (2014) was recorded live at the Boerderij Cultuurpodium in Zoetermeer, Netherlands on May 10th 2013, the new live double-CD album from Mystery features a selection of songs from The World Is A Game (2012) album as well as old favorites from their back catalog. It is also the only live recording with ex-band member Benoit David. Other band members include Benoit Dupuis on keyboards, François Fournier on bass, Sylvain Moineau on guitar, Jean-Sébastien Goyette on drums, and band leader Michel St-Père on guitars.

Tales From The Netherlands (2014) will bereleased in digital formats on October 1st (only on Unicorn Digital website) and everywhere else and in CD on October 20th.

CD 1
1. Unveil The Mystery
2. As I Am
3. Dear Someone
4. Sailing On A Wing
5. Wolf
6. Another Day
CD 2
1. Pride...
2. Through Different Eyes
3. Time Goes By
4. Travel To The Night
5. The Preacher's Fall
6. Between Love And Hate

Pre-sale is already open and you can order your through the band website at THIS LINK.

Mystery will also soon embark on a small European tour with new singer Jean Pageau, ending the tour where it all began in 2013.

Warm-Up Gig and introduction of new singer:
Aug. 15, 2014 - The Brass Monkey, Ottawa, ON, Canada
European Tour:
Sept. 08, 2014 - The Robin, Bilson, UK
Sept. 09, 2014 - The Borderline Orange Yard, UK
Sept. 10, 2014 - RealTimeLive, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, UK
Sept. 11, 2014 - Riffs Bar, Swindon, UK
Sept. 12, 2014 - Spirit of 66, Verviers, Belgium
Sept. 13, 2014 - PPR Festival, Das Rind, Russelsheim, Germany
Sept. 18, 2014 - Bergkeller Reichenbach, Sachsen, Germany
Sept. 19, 2014 - Boerderil, Zoetermeer, Netherlands

Source: Press release

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