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News: Osada Vida announce new drummer!

Osada Vida - new drummer announced.

As previously announced, Metal Mind Productions will release the fifth full-length album by Osada Vida. Their new, yet untitled material will be released in October.

Their previous album Particles (2013) made the band work even harder on the follow-up material. In the meantime, the band have undergone a few line-up changes: Bartek Bereska (guitar) was replaced by Janek Mitoraj and drummer Adam Podzimski by Marek Romanowski.

Łukasz Lisiak (bass) comments on the changes and their impact on the new album: "I think, the new album is a continuation of a certain road, the album Particles being its last stop. Certainly, the approach to composing used on the album Particles was also used while writing songs for the new album - the structure of songs is more simple, as we were trying to avoid excessive complexity. We are using Marek Majewski's talent as much as possible, so finally we no longer have to hide or shorten the vocal parts. At the same time, however, we are still amusing ourselves with all those little twisted, very atmospheric parts known from our previous releases. Our new guitarist, Janek Mitoraj, has a great musical sense and equally excellent guitar skills, which allows us to mix new ideas with Osada Vida style. Our newest member, drummer Marek Romanowski, is a musician who knows exactly how to play with rhythm. He also has a great sense of humor, and sense of humor is a must in Osada Vida team. You can therefore expect us to develop and consolidate the ideas first introduced on the Particles album, though there still will be place for interesting and engrossing passages, which those fans who liked them so much on our previous releases came to expect."

At the end of July, the band entered MaQ Records studio to record rhythm section parts. A short movie uploaded on YouTube introduces their new drummer Marek Romanowski. You can watch the clip below:

Łukasz: "Later on, we will record guitars, keys and vocals. The album will be produced by Sławek Gładyszewski, who also worked with us on the Particles album. Hopefully, this time his ear, knowledge and experience won't disappoint as well."

The band’s fifth studio album is scheduled for release in October 2014. More details to be revealed soon!

Source: Press release

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