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Review: Discipline - This One's For England (2014)

Artist: Discipline
Album: This One's For England
Release date: January 1, 2014
Label: Strung Out


Disc 1
1. Circuitry - 6'43
2. Before The Storm - 15'24
3. Blueprint - 4'58
4. Dead City - 5'36
5. When She Dreams She Dreams In Color - 12'11
Running time: 49:16
Disc 2
1. Canto IV (Limbo) - 15'17
2. The Reasoning Wall - 8'00
3. Rogue - 23'38
Running time: 46:50

Production details: Recorded live May 5, 2012 At The Majestic Theater In Gettysburg, Pennsylvania (USA) at the RosFest.
Produced by Discipline, mixing by Matthew Parmenter
Recording by Mike Potter, Mastering by Dave Frenzy at The Tempermill, Ferndale MI (USA)

Packaging details: Cardboard/papersleve package with single booklet page (Strung Out Records ads) and blurred photographs inside the package.
Photos: Paul Dzendzel, cover layout by Matthew Kennedy.


Review by Kev Rowland       Rating:

Thoughts: There is no doubt in my mind that one of the most important bands to come out of America in the last 25 years is Discipline, and when they reformed and released To Shatter All Accord (2011) it was certainly no surprise to see it rated so highly. In fact, according to ProgArchives it is still the #1 album of that year. So, they were then invited to appear at the mighty RosFest in 2012, and this double CD is the recording of that performance.

So, just eight songs on this double digipak release, but that equates to nearly 100 minutes of music. Some of these songs have appeared on live albums before, but given that they haven't released that many albums that really isn't suprising. And to be honest, a live album without a performance of 'Canto IV (Limbo)' would be both unthinkable and unforgiveable.

Singer and keyboard player Matthew Parmenter also provides all of the material, but this is much more than just a one-man show and the rest of the guys were all there when Push & Profit (1993) was released in 1993. This is a group that have been influenced by the likes of early Genesis and Anekdoten, but have created a path very much of their own making. One would never guess that these guys are from North America, as they have much more in common with the European progressive rock movement.

Their approach is sometimes restrained, harmonic and almost lulling, but there are plenty of times when they are jagged and abrasive, Jon's guitar a strident noise against Matthew's organ while Matthew K and Paul provide the backdrop to let the music grow and move. I have been a fan of the band for many years, and the only thing wrong with this album is that it makes me realize just how much I am missing out by not being able to see them in concert. This is an essential purchase!

Listen to Discipline on our Podcast #37 HERE.


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