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Review: Ingranaggi Della Valle - In Hoc Signo (2013)

Artist: Ingranaggi Della Valle
Album: In Hoc Signo
Release date: May 16, 2013
Label: Black Widow


1. Introduzione - 0'14
2. Cavalcata - 5'49
3. Mare In Tempesta - 3'17
4. Via Egnatia - 5'41
5. L'Assedio Di Antiochia - 8'11
6. Fuga Da Amman - 5'56
7. Kairuv'an - 6'08
8. Masqat - 5'15
9. Jangala Mem - 6'46
10. Il Vento Del Tempo - 7'00
11. Finale - 9'33
Running time: 63:50

Production details: Recorded, mixed and engineered by Paolo Pierelli at Point Of View Records (Rome) with help of Alessandro Cavallo and Stefano Vicarelli.
Mastered by Alessandro Cavallo and Stefano Vicarelli.

Packaging details: Jewecase CD. 20 pages booklet with lyrics.
Cover art by Marcello Toma. Pictures by Marzia Brugnoli. Graphic Layout by PIno Pintabona.


Review by Diego Camargo      Rating:

Thoughts: 2013 was an astonishing year for Italian Progressive Rock. The year gave us some superb albums like Sensitività (La Coscienza Di Zeno), AlieNatura (Il Tempio Delle Clessidre), You Have A Chance (Camelias Garden), PFM In Classic (Premiata Forneria Marconi), Barbarica (Museo Rosenbach), just to name a few. All of those albums were qualified to a Top10 list.
Unfortunately, I got the album I’m reviewing right in 2014, but as they say, better late than never.

In Hocno Signo (2013) is the debut album of Ingranaggi Della Valle and here we have all the ingredients that Italian Prog Rock lovers could want but without sounding dated and old. In Hoc Signo (2013) is the contemporary answer to the great classics!

Ingranaggi Della Valle is a quintet formed in Roma by the young musicians Igor Leoni (vocals), Mattia Liberati (keyboards), Flavio Gonnellini (guitars), Marco Gennarini (violin and vocals) and Shanti Colucci (drums and percussion). And I can honestly say that the band recorded a modern classic when it comes to In Hocno Signo (2013)!

Let’s begin with Igor Leoni vocals which are absolutely fantastic and shine strongly in ‘Cavalcata’. The fact that the band use the violin  in its line-up and loads of vintage keyboards makes tracks like ‘Mare In Tempesta’ and ‘Via Egnatia’ become so strong and powerful that it is impossible to just stand still.
In ‘L’Assedio Di Antiochia’ the band unite all their elements in a single and powerful track full of vocals and killer riffs. This power continues shining mercilessly in the instrumental ‘Fuga Da Amman’ and it keeps going on in the jazzy tracks ‘Kairuv’An’ and ‘Masqat’, in this last one Flavio’s guitar speaks loud and well.
Then in ‘Jangala Mem’ we have a bit of psychedelia in a more experimental sound with varied and different parts.

The previous experimentation continues , initially in ‘Il Vento Del Tempo’, but next to first minute of the song we come back to the signature sound of the band.
To finish the great album that In Hoc Signo (2013) is we have ‘Finale’ and its 9’33. We have a special touch on this track, the participation of David Jackson from Osanna playing saxophones and flutes with a frantic musical background to them.

Resuming, In Hoc Sogno (2013) is simply essential. You’re a fan of Progressive Rock, right? So make a favor to yourself and buy this album asap!

I would like to give a huge thank you to Black Widow Records for releasing this album and for Ingranaggi Della Valle for existing!

Listen to Ingranaggi Della Valle on our Podcast #31 HERE.


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