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News: District 97 Release Live Album Featuring John Wetton

District 97 Featuring John Wetton Release One More Red Night: Live In Chicago.

A new live CD capturing a set of King Crimson songs performed by District 97 and former King Crimson lead singer John Wetton has been released on Primary Purpose label via Cherry Red Records.

One More Red Night: Live In Chicago (2014) includes three songs from the iconic landmark album Red (1974). This CD also captures several other well-known songs from the three King Crimson studio albums John Wetton played and sang on, plus their earlier hit '21st Century Schizoid Man'. This is the first release of this recording and features many tracks which are now rarely heard live.

Says John Wetton about the band: “I've said it before, and I maintain that District 97 is the best young Progressive band around right now. Gifted players, great material, and a brilliant, charismatic singer in Leslie Hunt. Their shows are an exciting pleasure to attend, and I am proud to work, and be associated with them.”

District 97's drummer and One More Red Night: Live In Chicago (2014) producer, Jonathan Schang, says “The first Crimson song I ever played live with John was 'Lament'. To hear 'that voice' coming from right in front of me, seemingly made only stronger by the passage of time, was an experience I shall never forget. Getting to know John more closely, both as a musician and a human being, is an honor and a privilege. I'm thrilled that our joint interpretations of his iconic work with King Crimson are now available for all to enjoy.”

1. One More Red Nightmare
2. The Great Deceiver
3. Lament
4. The Night Watch
5. Fallen Angel
6. Book Of Saturday
7. 21st Century Schizoid Man
8. Starless
9. Easy Money

You can purchase the album in 3 different places: Amazon, iTunes or Cherry Red.

Source: Press release

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