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News: Enchant Release New Album - The Great Divide - First In Eleven Years

Enchant release first studio album in 11 years.

The USA band Enchant have just released their comeback album, The Great Divide (2014) is the first studio album of the band in 11 years and it was released via the band's longtime label partner InsideOutMusic.

The Great Divide (2014) is Enchant's 8th studio album and the following of Tug Of War (2003) and the Live At Last (2004) double live album and DVD release by the band before the hiatus.

You can hear the title track right here:

The Great Divide (2014) features a running time of 55 minutes in its standard edition and 64 minutes in its limited edition. The album is released in Europe as CD and Digital Download, but also as special edition 2CD Mediabook version containing a bonus track as well as a 'best of' bonus disc (featuring 10 additional songs in 71 minutes of playing time) spanning the complete Enchant catalogue.

A Gatefold 2LP version of "The Great Divide" on 180gr. vinyl including the bonus track as well as the full album on a CD as bonus is also available.

1. Circles - 7'59
2. Within An Inch - 7'34
3. The Great Divide - 9'03
4. All Mixed Up - 4'12
5. Transparent Man - 6'19
6. Life In A Shadow - 4'58
7. Deserve To Feel - 8'01
8. Here And Now - 7'31
Bonustrack of Mediabook edition:
9. Prognosticator - 8'22
Bonus "Best Of" CD:
1. The Thirst - 6'16
2. Oasis - 8'11
3. Pure - 7'19
4. New Moon - 8'24
5. Break - 5'06
6. Paint The Picture - 7'02
7. Under Fire - 5'58
8. Sinking Sand - 7'10
9. Comatose - 8'53
10. At Death's Door [Live] - 7'07

All physical formats of the album (Including the strictly limited orange-coloured version of the 2LP in a total of 100x copies) can be purchased from the InsideOutMusic webshop HERE.

The album can also be purchased in Amazon HERE.

Watch below an interview with the band about the release of the new album:

Source: Press release

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