Monday, November 03, 2014


Band Of The Month: Ysma

We're back with our Band Of The Month feature! Every month we have a new band/artist that will be the spotlight of the month.
This month we have the German band Ysma that's releasing its second studio album named Fourth Wall (2014)!

Ysma is an instrumental Progressive Rock band from Münster, Germany. Founded in 2009, the
quintet combines atmospheric elements and Progressive Rock/Metal influences, always focussing on
the ambience of a song as well as unconventional rhythms and parts out of the ordinary.

After gaining reputation as an energetic live band, Ysma released their first record entitled Vagrant in April 2013. The 12-track album covered the band's diverse spectrum from purely acoustic pieces to
heavier prog influenced by Rush or Opeth. The band's acoustic premiere took place in October of
2013, performing their material unplugged, re-arranged specifically for this occasion. Recordings of
this evening were subsequently released in form of an acoustic live EP Carrots And Candles in
January, 2014.

Other memorable live experiences include opening the stage for Norwegian Prog Metal band Leprous in November of 2013 and the band's appearance at Krach am Bach festival in August, 2014 (alongside Monkey3, Blood Red Shoes, Kamchatka and more).

In the fall of 2014, Ysma present their sophomore studio record Fourth Wall. Once again recorded, mixed and mastered by the band themselves, Fourth Wall shows the facets of Ysma's sound and songwriting more clearly than ever: somewhere between jazzy arrangements, acoustic interludes and the edged quality of modern progressive metal, the band delivers thought-provoking instrumentals with a character of their own.


Discography to Listen:

Fourth Wall (2014)

Carrots And Candles (2013)

Vagrant (2013)



  1. Fourth Wall - this was a double surprise first I won a copy via one of Diego's competitions second by the musicianship and quality of these progrock compositions -
    Four Seconds West & Jester are standout tracks - but for me Sun PT2 Eve is outstanding
    it is refreshing to listen to a band who can put together a proper tune

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