Tuesday, December 02, 2014


Band Of The Month: Modest Midget

We're back with our Band Of The Month feature! Every month we have a new band/artist that will be the spotlight of the month.
This month we have the Dutch band Modest Midget that's releasing its second studio album named Crysis (2014)!

Imagine a chef that is audaciously looking to create a salad mixing tomatoes, pickles, milk chocolate, fried chicken, hummus, honey and ketchup. Imagine he actually manages to make it, and it actually works! The idea behind Modest Midget is to create well-crafted music, authentic and sincere, the biggest difference with other great Classic Rock & Progressive Rock artists being that these guys refuse to make it sound pretentious.

The new Modest Midget album Crysis (2014) presents an illustration of life, portrayed as a cycle consisting of different inner cycles. Each time that one such cycle ends, another one starts, and these movements are often frightening, painful and traumatic, but they also offer a chance for change and for growth.
The tracks on the album represent different states of mind and different chapters in one's life.

Note: Stay tuned that this month we'll have Modest Midget on Progshine with Interview, Giveaway, News and Review!


Discography to Listen:

Crysis (2014)

The Great Prophecy Of A Small Man (2010)


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