Sunday, April 12, 2015


Progshine Records New Release: Family Free Rock - A Day Of Wrath

Progshine Records release for the first time in digital formats Brazilian band Family Free Rock.

Hello Everyone!

Progshine Records is proud to announce a new release.

Family Free Rock was a Brazilian band from São Paulo and their album A Day Of Wrath, released originally in 2008, is an album inspired by the works of the band Devil Doll.

A Day Of Wrath was originally released as a very limited CD-R edition only and has never been officially re-released anywhere after that. This is the first time this album is seeing the light of the day in digital formats and in a larger scale.

Download all artwork from the original CD-R is included and it's a pay what you want download (0 included).

Please give it a try on below or directly at Progshine Records Bandcamp page:

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