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Review: Purposeful Porpoise - Purposeful Porpoise (2014)

Artist: Purposeful Porpoise
Album: Purposeful Porpoise
Release date: 2014
Label: Self Released

Running time: 82:55

Production details: Produced by Alex Cora and Gustavo Farias.
Mixed by Dan Moore.
Mastered by Paul Grundman.

Packaging details: Standard Jewelcase. No booklet.
Front and back cover artwork by Manthos Lappas and Ben Clayton (LNC Art Studios). Inside sleeve artwork by David Knopf.

Review by Diego Camargo      Rating:

Thoughts: This new band has EVERYTHING wrong! Oh boy!

To begin with the name is as bad as you can get without going to the Post Rock side of things. Then you have the TERRIBLE and cheap artwork (including pink lettering on the back cover). And the most cliche concept (read it HERE).

On top of all that there is Derek Sherinian on keyboards and, like it or not, you immediately think about some Prog Metal no-brainer full of dated sound keyboards from mid-90's.

Well, the thing is, with all that against Purposeful Purpose, the album works and quite well.

First things first, there's no Prog Metal here, also Derek doesn't show off at all, he plays nice and quiet, this is an Alex Cora project after all. Although there are lyrics and vocals all around I couldn't quite focus on them (and also there's no booklet on the self released CD), but that's not a big problem as most part of the double CD is instrumental.

The band plays Prog, Jazz Rock and many Space Rock moments making the album very interesting and not a drag to listen to (as usual with 80 minutes long albums) and it makes you want to give it another spin to check exactly what's going on.

I would recommend the first track 'Crossing into the Unknown' and its almost 21 minutes right away! Great track!

There's one more thing I think the band shouldn't have done. The album is 83 minutes long or so, they could have easily cut a song on the album and make it simple, cheaper for them and for us! I understand it's a quite a big deal (and dream) for bands/composers in the Prog world to write a double album like in the good-old-fashioned days. But that's gone and you can't make the clock go backwards.

Well, anyway, surprisingly the album is quite good and it deserves a chance in your stereo!

NOTE: The band will re-release the album with new artwork, title, etc in July through the GEP label!


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