Friday, February 26, 2016


News: Elephants Of Scotland Unveil Single For The Band's New Studio Album The Perfect Map

Elephants Of Scotland working on new album, The Perfect Map.
'Swing The Gavel' is the first single from Elephants Of Scotland's third studio album, The Perfect Map, coming out in the Spring of 2016. The song was originally written and recorded for Musea Records' third Decameron compilation album (release date to be announced) and it is algo going to be on the next album of the North American band.

'Swing The Gavel' tells the story of a miserly magistrate who brings a crew of unqualified judges to a small Italian village. When a young man finds out about this, he enlists a few of his friends to play a humiliating prank on one of the judges.

Check the video for the single below:

The digital single also features a new 2016 instrumental mix of the title track from the band's first album Home Away From Home (2012).

You can buy the single on the band Bandcamp page HERE.

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