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News: Jack Dupon Announces New Album Empty Full Circulation

Jack Dupon new album will be available in CD & Vinyl.

French band Jack Dupon is due to release their new album Empty Full Circulation (2016).

According to the band: "This album is inspired by the city of Randan, love and sports, with the kind participation of Paul Sears and his crazy drums. It has been designed to be "politically correct". So it will please the ears of babies of all faiths and sexualities. And most of all, Jack Dupon decided to put the kick drum and the bass together, based on years of statistic experience on how to create supreme sound happiness. Oh, and there's some singing parts, well, a lot of singing, with obsessive refrains that you can sing along near the fireplace."

Empty Full Circulation (2016) will be available on CD and a limited vinyl edition (300 copies with handmade artwork).
You can pre-order yours right now HERE. Official release date is March 21st.

1. Flowery Way - 7’01
2. Burst Balloon - 3’04
3. Broken House - 6’54
4. Six Feet In Randan - 11’31
5. The King Hedgehog - 4’35

The band will also begin a tour to promote the album in later April that will extend till June throughout Europe:

21 April - La Malscène, Tavannes (Switzerland)
22 April - Le Caveau du King, Neuchatel (Switzerland)
23 April - Librairie Compagnon, Grandis (France)
30 April - Le Raymond, Clermont-Ferrand (France)
06 May - Le 108, Orléans (France)
07 May - Le Cirque Electrique, Paris (France)
13 May - Asesino Pub, Valencia (Spain)
14 May - Casa Juventut, Puerto Sagunto (Spain)
19 May - Magazine Club, Valencia (Spain)
20 May - Valencia (Spain)
21 May - Green Espai, Puerto Sagunto (Spain)
26 May - Les Roulettes, Tresserre  (France)
27 May - Le Black Sheep, Montpellier (France)
28 May - L'Amanita Muscaria, Toulouse (France)
03 June - Le Café Rochas (Luxembourg)
04 June - Café Amélie, Giessen (Germany)
05 June - Immerhin, Würzburg (Germany)
08 June - Subway to Peter, Chemnitz (Germany)
10 June - Klub Centrala, Kołobrzeg (Poland)
11 June - Club Barka, Piła (Poland)
12 June - Poznan (Poland)
13 June - Klub Mózg, Bydgoszcz (Poland)
17 June - Center for Culture, Lublin (Poland)

Source: Press release

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