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News: Blue Mammoth New Album Stories Of A King Out Now

Blue Mammoth second album is out.

Brazilian band Blue Mammoth had a long and hard road to release their second album, Stories Of A King (2016). The record was being prepared since 2012 but for a number of reasons, including a change in their line up made the album delayed.
According to the band: "The road was much more tortuous than that of the first album. Some revisions of some arrangements and some dissatisfaction with the results obtained in the first drums recordings made us go back to studio and search for the right sound. We still had a replacement on guitars with Vinicius de Oliveira assuming the post in the process."

Stories Of A King (2016) has 10 tracks in a bit more than 66 minutes long and has two suites among the tracks. The cover art of the album once again was designed by Julio Zartos (the same artist that designed their selt titled debut album), and brings a huge mammoth head behind the King's Throne. On the back cover, a woman semi-naked stands with her arms raised in front of a caldron. These are two characters of one of the stories told by the  band in the new album.
Stories Of A King (2016) is centered on the tale of a King in a 3 piece music called 'The History Of A King", but the whole album is conceptual.

The band explains the concept: "The musical material presented on this second album came along with the first album, which means, all this songs were composed on the same period of time. So this songs were set apart for a while during the production and release of the first album, still with no lyrics, but already with some ideas settled. The three songs which make up the suite 'The Story of a King' that finished inspiring the title of the album, were already known to cover this theme.
 As the lyrics of the songs were brought out, a conceptual album begun to emerge. Each of the songs of this album tells the story of a character, an individual drama. And each story of each song becomes a spiritual saga visited by the listener in the company of a storyteller. To get to this point, André Micheli had to slightly change the first version of the lyrics of the first song of the album "The Endless Road" that was previously called "The wanderer". On the final version the storyteller - which happens to be the band itself - invites the listener to a long journey watching the endless road travelers; learning, suffering, rejoicing along with the misadventures of life of each former character.
To finally frame the songs and lives lived through them, one last song was composed especially for this purpose. The beautiful ballad "Waiting Room" portrays a last drama of a last character, an internal crazy man in a sanatorium that receives a message and finds out that it was all an illusion. He is free to another journey on the endless road. The message also reveals to the listener that all lives observed were actually one. The message was "once you were a king, and once you were a simple man, now you have to follow the light and take another chance". In fact he once were a poor african one who had all his known world slaughtered on childhood, once a fabulous winged creature, once a killer soldier, once someone involved on a scientist trial. And who knows whom else can he be now?"

Along with the new album, Blue Mammoth launched a brand new website. The site brings a new interactive module called by the band "Web Of Thoughts". Each track of the new album has a entire webpage, acessible to whom buy a specific track or the entire album. In that page, you´ll find the booklet theme as background, the lyrics, the song itself playing soon as you enters the page and a form to register your impressions about that track in a "Sphere of Thoughts". Each impression registered in that form will be transformed in a sphere to be added later to the webpage.

Stories Of A King (2016) is available only digitally (MP3 and FLAC) at the moment, physical copies (CD) will be released in July. All digital orders include high-quality download in MP3 and FLAC, plus the digital album booklet.

1. Endless Road - 7'28
2. Children's Fear - 5'09
3. Lonely Flight - 7'46
4. Flying Free - 6'12
5. Nobody's Hero - 6'10
6. Perfect Dreams - 6'41
7. The Reign - 7'19
8. Reflections Of Death - 7'12
9. Wrong Ways - 5'36
10. Waiting Room - 7'14

To order your digital copy CLICK HERE. If you prefer to wait for the pyshical copies you can pre-order your CD HERE.

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