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News: Big Big Train Premiere Video For First Single Of New Album Folklore

Big Big Train premiere video and reveals details on pre-order of new album.

Big Big Train's premiere video for the title track from the band's upcoming ninth album, Folklore, that will  be released on May 27 on CD, 2 LP and digital formats.

The band obviously ignored the famous advice that you should never work with children or animals when making a video.

Vocalist David Longdon says: "When we set out to make a video to illustrate the title track of our new album, Folklore, we decided to try to capture an impression of what it was like to be the listener to the ancient folklore stories which have come down to us through the ages. Folklore tales are an integral part of who we are and who we think we are and help to form the bedrock of our cultures. These tales were told to fan the flames of our imaginations. They were stories of love and words of wisdom."

He continues: "As the telling of folklore tales has always been a communal experience, we wanted to involve some Big Big Train fans in the making of the video. We chose to ignore the advice of the great WC Fields to ‘never work with children or animals’ and had a great time making the film with director Steve French."

1. Folklore
2. London Plane
3. Along The Ridgeway
4. Salisbury Giant
5. The Transit Of Venus Across The Sun
6. Wassail
7. Winkie
8. Brooklands
9. Telling The Bees

The album is about 69 minutes long and the current lineup of Big Big Train brings Rikard Sjöblom (Beardfish, Gungfly).

The new album can be pre-ordered in many different options: CD HERE, LP HERE, Digital HERE & Hi-Res Digital HERE.

Source: Press release

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