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News: Syndone Release New Album Feat. Steve Hackett & Ray Thomas

Italian band Syndone release new album Eros & Thanatos.

"We make a very expressive and quite symphonic music, so that one day I began to define it movierock! Sometimes it is really comparable with the "film scoring" composition’s style and founds itself on the idea of the concept album not on a more segmented speech of unrelated songs. The concept album represents the progressive tradition; it is good for us to join the old style for respecting the genre but the main goal of Syndone is to go beyond". That's how Nik Comoglio defines Syndone music.

The band is back with a new album called Eros & Thanatos, just released by Italian label Altrock/Fading after only two years from their previous work Odysséas. Thanks to the success of the 2014 album, Syndone made a successful concert season which strengthened the new sextet line up.

This time the singer Riccardo Ruggeri has attemped in a re-reading of the Song of Songs: "The human being's journey through its tensions, passions and emotions is something deeply fascinating to me. When these elements join with Science, Research, the Ethnomusicology, the history of raped territories devasted by religious wars, the cocktail becomes lethal... and hit me. I’ve read the “Song of the Song” for a year collecting materials and informations taken from internet and libraries; I  forfeited images, absorbed the point of view of Guido Ceronetti, lived my personal life experiences in the meantime... then I let this bag exploding on Nik music. it was exciting, and it's still a thrill to me re hear it.”

Nik Comoglio continues: "The most important difference from Odysséas is now finally you can hear a "real band". Thanks to the several gigs we made the line-up has become so established to give an added value of unity and style to the new work being more cohesive. Then the string orchestra, which opened a new, more powerful and interesting sound, the Arabic and Hebrew sung, which emphasizes the derivation from the “Song of Songs”".

If in Odysséas were Marco Minnemann and John Hackett to make precious the band, Eros & Thanatos presents a welcome return: Ray Thomas, singer and flutist of the legendary The Moody Blues who has already played in The Beauty is The Beast (2012), and the beloved co-former Genesis guitarist Steve Hackett.

Nik continues, speaking about the special guests: "It's the first time that an electric guitar is recorded in a Syndone album! When I founded the band I thought that if I ever had an electric guitar in a Syndone record that electric guitar would be played only by Steve Hackett! I considered and still I consider him one of the best guitarists in the world for melodic taste and ability to blend with the sound of the situation in which he is involved."

The band is now ready for an important concert. The band plays on 4th September at the festival 2 Days Prog + 1 in Veruno, Italy.

1. Frammento - 1'01
2. Area 51 - 3'07
3. Terra che brucia - 5'26
4. Gli spiriti dei campi - 5'27
5. Qinah - 6'10
6. Duro come la morte - 5'54
7. Alla sinistra del mio petto - 3'08
8. Fahra - 3'19
9. L'urlo nelle ossa - 7'15
10. Bambole rmk - 4'15
11. Cielo di fuoco - 7'38

Eros & Thanatos can be ordered through Amazon HERE and through AltrOck HERE.

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