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News: MJ12 Featuring Percy Jones To Release Debut Album

Ex-Brand X bass player debut with new group MJ12.
MJ12, featuring ex-Brand X bass player Percy Jones, will be releasing their debut album on Gonzo Multimedia on June 24, 2016. Recorded in the summer of 2015 at Shelter Island studios in Manhattan, MJ12 is a Jazz Fusion/Prog outfit.

Says Percy, “We took the name from Majestik 12, which was supposedly a group of 12 scientists and engineers assembled in the late 40's to investigate UFO's. There is an ongoing debate as to whether this group actually existed or not. Stephen Moses and I had been doing  gigs for a while where we would invite guests to sit in. We did all improv, so this was actually M&J +1 or 2.  After a while we started using David Phelps and Chris Bacas on a regular basis if they were available. At this point we started writing stuff, but keeping a lot of the improv thing going to keep it spontaneous. The end result was bits and pieces of ideas coming from everybody that were all tied together to try and make a coherent tune, but with lots of blowing inside. By last Summer we felt like it had shaped up well enough to record it, so we went in and recorded it over 2 days.”

In conclusion Percy has this to impart, “Well, I hope people like this record. I have a lot of appreciation for everyone who supported Brand X back in the day, or any of the other projects I was involved in. The band follows on from stuff  I've done in the past, trying to keep the music unpredictable, interesting and moving in a  new direction.”

1. Call 911
2. Bad American Dream Pt2
3. Magic Mist
4. Talk Time
5. The Wow Signal
6. Big Daddy Road
7. The Phantom Maracas
8. Guns And Pussy
9. Magic Mist Reprise

You can order the CD directly on Gonzo Multimedia website HERE.

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