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News: Japanese Yuka & Chronoship Have Started Indiegogo Campaign For New Music Video

Japanese Prog Band Yuka & Chronoship Have Started Indiegogo Campaign For New Video.

In support of their third album release, Japanese band Yuka & Chronoship have started an Indiegogo Campaign for their new music video!

In September, 2015, Yuka & Chronoship made their UK debut with their 3rd album, “The 3rd Planetary Chronicles”. Since then, there have been so many requests for the album's music video from the fans and the media overseas, that the band now decided to make the music video to extend their popularity.

“The 3rd Planetary Chronicles” was released on Cherry Red Records in the UK in September 2015 and they're the first Japanese artist to release its album on a large independent label in the UK ahead of a domestic release in Japan.

Says the band: “As there have been mounting requests for the album's music video especially from the overseas media, the band now decided to make its music video to expand its popularity overseas. With your support, we want to create an attractive music video that enchants the whole world, and mark the beginning of a new chronicle that puts Yuka & Chronoship on the center stage of the world's progressive rock scene!
The music video that we want to make through this funding opportunity is intended to go beyond the category of “music video” primarily comprised of scenes of performance. It should be a visual work of art that delivers the worldview of the music. The video's production director is Masako Gomado, a reputed VFX artist that had worked in a variety of visual media including Japan's national TV network's long running, one year long drama series and the movie, “20th Century Boy”. The art work is provided by Oda Hideji, the manga artist and illustrator that created the excellent artwork for the band's 3rd album. The music video should be a highly creative attempt to present the worldview of “Galileo II – Copernican Theory” through the collaboration of music, artwork, and VFX!

The check the perks the band has on its crowdfunding campaign and participate CLICK HERE.

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