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News: Lobate Scarp Release New Single And Kickstarter Campaign For Second Studio Album

Lobate Scarp is back for the band's second album!

Lobate Scarp released the new single "Beautiful Light" for their upcoming album entitled 'You Have It All'. Recorded and mixed at The Mouse House under the production expertise of Rich Mouser, the song features an array of guest musicians playing flute, English horn, oboe and violin. The release will  be followed up with a lyric video created by UK-based media production company Crystal Spotlight.

Rich Mouser, whose mixing repertoire includes Spock’s Beard, Transatlantic, Neal Morse, as well as Lobate Scarp's debut album 'Time And Space', will join as producer of the new album. Steve Leavitt, producer of 'Time And Space', will also return to co-­produce. David A. Hardy, the world's oldest living space artist, will gain create  the artwork for the new album.

In congruence with the single release, Lobate Scarp launched a major crowdfunding campaign for their follow up album. The 'You Have It All' Kickstarter page can be found HERE.

Listen to the new single below:

'You Have It All' is centered on the 15+ minute title track. It’s a strong, uplifting piece made up of several parts. The album will consist of 7-8 tracks totaling to about an hour in length. It will contain “Conduit” the band's first instrumental piece and “Nothing Wrong”, a track that talks about individuality and freedom. In the mix will be some prog-ballads such as our new single “Beautiful Light” and a story of love-lost-but-found-once-more in “And We Tried”. The final track will be a 9-minute piece called “Flowing With the Change”, which deals with acceptance of the past and looking into the future with exciting possibilities.

The Limited Edition CD booklet will contain lyrics, credits, art, photos and a bonus disc containing an entirely instrumental version of the album.

All the perks you can get, along with all the information about the campaign can be found in their Kickstarter page HERE.

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