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Review: Jack Dupon ‎- Empty Full Circulation (2016)

Artist: Jack Dupon
Album: Empty Full Circulation
Release date: March 21, 2016
Label: La Boîte À Malice

Running time: 33:45

Production details: Recording: Jack Dupon at studio Bienvenue au Tibet 2015
Mixed by Etienne Mazoyer and Jack Dupon
Mastered by Alex at Altho-Studio Lyon.

Packaging details: Paper/Cardboard Sleeve. 4 page booklet with lyrics
Artwork by Fanny-Ho & Kadah

Review by Diego Camargo      Rating:

Thoughts: I was presented to the French band Jack Dupon in 2013 when they were releasing the album Jésus L'aventurier. I was a bit skeptical about them because I'm definitely not a huge fan of Avant Prog. However, there was something on Jack Dupon that caught my attention. Since then I've been following them very closely.

Their new album, Empty Full Circulation, released on March 21st, is their 5th full length album and what a good surprise!

Initially the todays listener may be worried by the 'short' duration of the album (just shy of 34 minutes). But what people from the CD/Download era forget is that this duration was absolutely normal for the 70's era. This isn't really something to get worried though, Empty Full Circulation has so many details that the 34 minutes seems to be at least one hour long, not because it drags endlessly, on the contrary. The strenght of this record is that you can keep listening over and over and you're going to get new details every time.

Another topic to be mentioned is the actual content of the songs. Jack Dupon's native city is Clermont-Ferrand in the central region of France. Not far from there we can found the city of Randan, the band got inspiration in this city and its forests, castle and some amazing tales that come from this place. This time Jack Dupon is singing in English but they didn'y lose their exotic French flavour because of that.

Once again Jack Dupon delivers to the audience an album that is at the same time weird and solid. Empty Full Circulation has so many details and hooks that you will be able to enjoy this album for a long time yet. I guarantee!

Key tracks: 'Flower Way', 'Broken House' and the closing track 'The King Hedgehog' are the best tracks!


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