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News: Dream The Electric Sleep Release Third Studio Album Beneath The Dark Wide Sky

Dream The Electric Dream new album out now.

Mutiny Records have released last month, July 22, the new studio album by Dream the Electric Sleep, titled Beneath the Dark Wide Sky.

"The new album is a sonic departure for us in some ways," says Matt Page (vocals, guitar), "though the record does continue the lyrical and conceptual thread of exploring the way historically significant social, economic, and environmental traumas echo throughout our contemporary narratives. For this album we did specifically draw inspiration from photographs taken of the Dust Bowl in the 1930’s by American photographer Dorothea Lange. She believed photographs had the ability to shine an objective light on issues of social justice and environmental degradation and could be used to persuade and motivate social and political change. Much of what motivated Lange, also motivates me."

Beneath the Dark Wide Sky is the band's third studio album, and was recorded in July 2015 at Nick Raskulinecz's Rock Falcon Studio outside of Nashville, TN. Raskulinecz is a Grammy Award winning producer who has worked with bands like Foo Fighters, Rush, and Ghost.

He explains "for me, the turning point on this album came during pre-production. That's when I realized a few things about Dream the Electric Sleep. First, they are great people, they can play, and the songs really spoke to me while they were playing them. It was clear they'd just need a little nip and tuck here and there." He goes on to say, "there were no production tricks employed with this band. It was all just about great performances. These are great songs, and they need to be heard!"
Dream the Electric Sleep is now a trio with Matt Page (vocals, guitar), Joey Waters (drums) and Chris Tackett (bass).

1. Drift - 5'10
2. Let The Light Flood In - 5'30
3. Flight - 4'45
4. We Who Blackout The Sun - 5'15
5. Hanging By Time - 5'39
6. Culling The Herd - 7'25
7. Last Psalm To Silence - 2'15
8. The Good Night Sky - 5'28
9. Headlights - 4'25
10. Black Wind - 6'14
11. All Good Things - 5'00

The first single is 'Let The Light Flood In' and you can watch the video for it below:

You can purchase your copy of Beneath the Dark Wide Sky directly through the band' online shop HERE.

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