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News: Kaipa DaCapo To Release New Album, Dårskapens Monotoni, In September

Original Kaipa members reunite for new album.

Right now you should be thinking: "Wow, a new Kaipa album, great!" Well, not quite, but yes.

The original Kaipa begun as Ura Kaipa and was founded by Hans Lundin (keyboards) and Tomas Eriksson (bass) around 1973. Roine Stolt (guitar) and Ingemar Bergman (drums) joined Kaipa a bit later in 1974, shortly after they had cut the "Ura" from the name of the band.

With Stolt the band released their most famous material, namely three albums: Kaipa (1975), Inget Nytt Under Solen (1976) and Solo (1978). Shortly after the tour of their third album Stolt left the band to pursue his own projects (he released a solo album in 1979) and the band went on untill 1982 and released two more albums.

Now we jump in time to 20 years later in 2002. Kaipa regrouped with Stolt and Lundin. However Stolt now had The Flower Kings under his belt, a very succesful Prog group, so he left again in 2005. The band went on releaseing 7 studio albums since them.

In 2014, original members Roine Stolt, Ingemar Bergman and Tomas Eriksson re-grouped under the name Kaipa DaCapo to play the old music from the first three albums as well as brand new music. To complete the team they called Mikael Stolt (vocals, guitar), brother of Roine and Max Lorentz (keyboards). After a series of concerts in 2015 the group started the recording of a new album in June 2016.

The album is now scheduled to be released in September 25 and is titled Dårskapens Monotoni (Folly Monotony, in a literal translation) and will be followed by an extended European and Scandinavian tour in the autumn.

The band comments on the album:

"Yes the new album - 7 new songs - all classic Kaipa sound - yet new twists is soon ready. We are excited - hope you will be too - We will post snippets very soon - Start saving your gold."

Dårskapens Monotoni was produced by Roine himself and will be released under his own label Foxtrot Records. Following the tradition of the first phase of the band the album is sung in Swedish. The artwork (below) is from Rick Jacobi.

1. Dårskapens Monotoni
2. A Boy
3. We Live Here
4. The Silent Gold
5. As Time Goes By
6. Tones
7. Monolith

Pre-orders are available already through the Flower Kings website HERE.

We have no information, at the moment, if Kaipa (with Hans Lundin), the original group, is still active.

More information soon to follow.

Source: Press release

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