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News: Violeta De Outono Announces Their New Album, Spaces

Violeta De Outono announce new studio album.

Space Rock Brazilian band Violeta De Outono is back with a new studio album.

Violeta De Outono steps into a new phase along its three-decade journey. Their new album is called Spaces and it is due to be released on 14th October 2016. The album sums up the band’s progress during the last ten years and throw them forward into the space.

Spaces is their ninth studio album and it fulfills a trilogy started with 2007’s Volume 7, passed through 2012's Espectro, and consolidates the current phase of the band, as a quartet, instead of the post-punk tinged psychedelic trio of the 1980’s.

The new album introduces seven compositions and highlights two long tracks: 'Imagens', the album opener, a group-composed four-movement suite, and 'Cidade Extinta', the album closer, which gathers thematic elements from the band’s early years, transposed to the current compositional style. 'Flowers on the Moon' was penned by Fernando Alge, from whom the group had already borrowed a few compositions on previous albums, and who makes a guest appearance on the song. 'A Painter of the Mind' is a promenade through the universe of swiss artist Paul Klee, being its lyrics constituted by excerpts from his poems. From Paul Klee comes also the inspiration for the album’s visual concept, based upon one of his drawings.

Spaces was recorded and mixed at MOSH Studios, São Paulo, during the autumn of 2016, by Alex Angeloni; mastered by Andy Jackson at Tube Mastering, London, and produced by Fabio Golfetti.

1. Imagens - 12'01
2. Kevinland - 3'03
3. Parallax T-Blues - 6'18
4. Imagens (Reprise) - 0'33
5. Flowers On The Moon - 4'53
6. A Painter Of The Mind - 4'58
7. Cidade Extinta - 10'51

You can pre-order the album right now through Voiceprint website RIGHT HERE.

Source: Press release

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