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News: Brand X Reunite For US Tour

Percy Jones and Jazz Fusion legends Brand X reunite for US tour.

Brand X has reunited for a US tour and so far the response has been very positive! The initial tour runs October 19th through October 30th, and numerous shows are already Sold Out.

Brand X seeds were sown around 1975 when future members of Brand X were collaborating with Brian Eno on his album Another Green World. Robert Fripp and Phil Collins also played on it, and it got many people thinking. Their contemporaries include bands such as Weather Report, Headhunters, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Jaco Pastorious and Chick Corea, all crafting a unique blend of Jazz, Rock, and Ethic influences now widely known by fans worldwide simply as 'Fusion'.

“Something unexpected has been happening...”, the band's management explained. “People are coming out of the woodwork to come to these first shows. First we heard of a group driving from Texas all the way up to Chicago for a show. Then it's a group from Denver. A few coming from Toronto, and now we've got confirmation of fans flying in from London and even Berlin!”   

The current lineup consists of original members John Goodsall (guitar) and Percy Jones (bass) and new members Kenwood Dennard (drums - Sting, Jaco Pastorius), Chris Clark (keyboards - John Entwistle, Billy Joel) and Scott Weinberger (percussion - Adrian Belew, The Security Project). The reunited Brand X will be performing material from their first three albums on these initial tours in October 2016.

Confirmed dates:
Oct 19 - The Shank Hall (Milwaukee, WI)
Oct 20 - The Wildey Theatre (Edwardsville, IL)
Oct 21 - Reggie's Live Progtober-Fest (Chicago, IL)
Oct 22 - The Music Settlement/Bop-Stop (Cleveland, OH)
Oct 23 - Havana Club (New Hope, PA)
Oct 25 - The Regent Theatre (Arlington, MA)
Oct 27 - Iridium Jazz Club (2 shows per night) (New York, NY)
Oct 28 - Iridium Jazz Club (2 shows per night) (New York, NY)
Oct 29 - Bearsville Theatre (Woodstock, NY)
Oct 30 - The Newton Theatre (Newton, NJ)

More dates to follow.

Source: Press release

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