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News: Brian Johnstone New Album Consent Under Coercion

Keyboards player Brian Jonhstone release his new album Consent Under Coercion.

Brian Johnstone's new album is called Consent Under Coercion and it was released a few months ago on May 12. The album consist of 6 songs: 5 shorter compositions with the last song 'The Course Of Empire' being a suite of 5 pieces connected through a common theme and based on the series of five paintings by artist Thomas Cole.

Consent Under Coercion is broadly a view of the human condition, our inability to learn from mistakes and our dubious future as a species. We seem to be incapable of existing peacefully on our tiny planet. It may be a cliche but no rational person can be immune to the craziness humans seem to create and perpetuate  in the world. We appear doomed to fail as a species and arguably deservedly so. It seems we have an inbuilt ability for self destruction which we can’t avoid. Our instincts teach us to survive but our behaviour seems to be immune: we appear to consent under coercion.

1. Precious Dreamer
2. Judgement Day
3. Crammed In
4. Lumang
5. Ujezd Tarantella (Taste The Fear)
6.1 The Course Of Empire - 1. Children Of The Stars
6.2 The Course Of Empire - 2. First Renaissance
6.3 The Course Of Empire - 3. The Greater Good
6.4 The Course Of Empire - 4. Scourge Of Humanity
6.5 The Course Of Empire - 5. The Greatest Tragedy

Consent Under Coercion is available in CD-R and Digitally. You can buy both at Brian's online shop HERE.

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