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News: Ingranaggi Della Valle Release New Album Warm Spaced Blue

Ingranaggi Della Valle release second full length album.

The Italian band Ingranaggi Della Valle just released their second studio album called Warm Spaced Blue on Black Widow Records. The recording began on March 2016 at StudioSETTE in Rome but album was conceived and developed between the winter and the fall of 2015.

The new album is the follow-up to the band's debut and acclaimed album In Hoc Signo which was released in 2013. You can read our review for that album HERE.

Here's what the band has to say about the new album:
"The darker tone of the album is a reflection of our moods and feelings going through a particular time in our lives. While In Hoc Signo was a tribute to '70s Italian Progressive Music and highlighted every single instrument expressiveness to communicate feelings, in this album we endorsed a new way of composing. We decided to put the songs in front of our instruments and let them develop by themselves. In this way every member has its own role in the evolution of the song, as a small orchestra where each instrument is necessary to achieve a common purpose.
Every song shapes up with intros, crescendos and diminuendos in dynamic and revolves around main themes combined to every specific moment of the composition.
We tried to mantain our stylistic unity without setting boundaries in the arrangement by choosing from a wide range of instrument: from the more classical mellotrons, Moogs, Hammond, guitars, violin to the Roland drum machines, Akai MPC and Kaoss Pad.
While maintaining a jazz approach into writing harmonies we acquired a big structured rock sound which lead us to introduce english as the singing language"

1. Call For Cthulhu: Orison - 9'24
2. Inntal - 10'34
3. Call For Cthulhu: Through The Stars - 3:13
4. Lada Niva - 8:49
5. Ayida Wedo - 5:51
6. Call For Cthulhu: Promise - 6:44

Watch below the first track available for streaming called 'Lada Niva':

You can order your copy of Warm Spaced Blue at AMAZON (CD or Digital) or iTUNES.

Source: Press release

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