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News: Jon Anderson's Tour Of The Universe Audio Soundtrack Now Available Digitally

Jon Anderson's “Tour Of The Universe” audio soundtrack is now available digitally for the first time!

Showcasing the unique songwriting and vocal talent of ex-Yes singer/songwriter, Jon Anderson, his 2005 debut solo concept DVD Tour Of The Universe is a musical passage through life, time and the world beyond, featuring many new songs as well as classic hits from his work with Yes and his collaborations with Vangelis. Recorded live at XM Radio Studios, the concert is now, for the very first time, available digitally!

Jon says about the whole project: “Not many people know how this concert was created... FYI, I controlled all the music/sound effects/backing vocals through my midi guitar, using a Roland GR 30 and 4 small Yamaha rack mounts with all the musical sounds and effects needed. I controlled it all with five foot pedals fading in the sounds for each song, which was a very crazy musical 'dance' as I did the show. Plus some harp ideas ... with birds helping ... it still sounds wild and magical to me. Have fun listening! Love and 'light'.”

Jon Anderson was recently presented with the Prog God award at this year's Progressive Music Awards, in association with, which was held at London's Underglobe on September 1, 2016! This very special honor is awarded to musical innovators within the world of progressive rock music and sees Anderson joining such music luminaries as Rick Wakeman, Ian Anderson, Peter Gabriel and Tony Banks, in collecting the prestigious award.

Jon recently joined musical forces with jazz violin legend Jean Luc Ponty to form the AndersonPonty Band. The duo released a CD/DVD titled Better Late Than Never in 2015 and have completed two tours of North America. Jon's new album with Swedish guitarist Roine Stolt (The Flower Kings, Transatlantic) titled Invention Of Knowledge was released on InsideOut Records in June 2016.

Always looking for more muscial excitment, Jon also recently formed a new band with former Yes members Trevor Rabin and Rick Wakeman called ARW. The new group will be commencing a worldwide tour in October 2016.

Tour Of The Universe tracklist:
1. Harmony
2. Father Sky
3. Standing Still
4. Bring On The Day
5. You Lift Me Up
6. Long Distance Runaround
7. State Of Independence
8. Set Sail
9. Who Could Imagine
10. The Revealing Science Of God (Dance Of The Dawn)
11. First Song
12. Ritual (Nous Sommes du Soleil)
13. O'er
14. Show Me
15. White Buffalo
16. And You And I
17. Change We Must
18. Harping
19. Your Move
20. Yours Is No Disgrace
21. This Is

To purchase the audio format of Tour Of The Universe click HERE. You can also buy/rent the video version HERE.

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