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News: Lifesigns Start Crowdfunding Campaign For New Studio Album Cardington

Lifesigns unveil Crodfunding campaign for new studio album.

Brittish band Lifesigns unveiled 2 days ago a crowdfunding campain on Pledgemusic to fund their new studio album, Cardington. And it's been very succesull so far, after 2 days the band has 81% of their goal (at the time of this article being written) reached.

The band explains the project:
"It’s still hard to believe how far the band has come in a few short years, from local pubs to playing to nearly 50,000 people over the summer. Supporting Marillion in Germany through to festivals at Lorelei, Ramblin Man and Cropredy. A great deal of this is thanks to you our friends and supporters and the wonderful PledgeMusic. We have little or no press and radio so word of mouth is everything.
Cardington will be the next stage in our growth.Cardington is the title track but this is not a concept CD just a concept track about some Sheds in Bedfordshire! We think those of you who joined with us in funding the live DVD/CD package (Under the Bridge) will know our commitment to quality. The music Lifesigns creates is both progressive and popular. It can be complex or simple but hopefully always melodic and uplifting. Thank you for all the Telephone boxes…. we look forward to the Airships."
There is a plethora of options to choose from, ranging from the new album signed, previous CDs and DVDs to Executive producer credit.

For the new album the band is currently working with Dave Bainbridge (Iona, Celestial Fire), Menno Gootjes (Focus) and Robin Boult (Fish & Lifesigns). And according to the band the new album has some 'epic'tracks like 'Cardington' and 'N'. The album also has a studio version of 'Different' together with some less lengthy pieces some of which might even be suitable for radio.

Cardington is set to be released earlier next year.

To check out the perks available and to listen to some bits of the title track visit their PledgeMusic page HERE.

Source: Press release

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