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News: Magma Release DVD Of First Tour Of China - Nĭhăo Hamtaï

French music legends Magma released a DVD of their first tour of China!

It was in 1970 that the explosive compound of a cavernous bass and a hammering beat erupted from our record players, marking Magma's blazing entry into the nascent world of French rock. Thus began a first album, quite simply entitled Magma. Today, after 46 years and thousands of live performances, Magma continues to put a spell on three generations of fans, who gather all over the world to see the cult band's thrilling live show.

After releasing their album Slag Tanz in the beginning of 2015, Magma went on to re-release many of their back catalogue in vinyl. The band also went on and had a succesfull crowdfunding campaign to release a documentary called To Life Death And Beyond: The Music Of Magma that is yet to be released. But most importantly, 2015 was also the year that Magma played China!

In May 2015, Coralie Van Rietschoten traveled with the band on their first Chinese tour. Glimpses of Shenzhen's tropical vegetation, Beijingers exercising in public parks, and Shanghai's psychedelic city lights are interspersed with concert footage, and that's what Nĭhăo Hamtaï is.

The documentary was also succesfully crowndfunded and is divided into three parts (one for each city that the band visited) and is already available in DVD from Seventh Records, Magma's own label. The DVD is subtitled in English, Spanish, Japanese and Chinese. Format is NTSC and is a ALL regions DVD. Playing time is 86 minutes.

For the curious out there: Nĭhăo is "Hello" in Mandarin (official language of the People’s Republic of China) and Hamtaï is also "Hello" but in Kobaïan, the official language of planet Kobaïa and Magma.

Watch the trailer below:

You can order your copy of the DVD HERE.

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