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News: Izz Release New Album Ampersand, Volume 2

NY ensemble Izz release new studio album, Ampersand, Volume 2.

Izz released their new album, Ampersand, Volume 2, on October 11th, 2016.

The band published a statement about the new album:

"Sometimes music is just music. Songwriters and artists create works about which they are passionate. Sometimes these works fall into a certain category; sometimes they don’t. 
Ampersand, Volume 2 is a brand new IZZ album. These are songs that reflect our passion for songwriting and our exploration of music created at once from both the heart and the head. 
Ampersand, Volume 2 is the perfect vehicle for these songs because, until now, they have been orphans. Just as the tracks on the first volume of Ampersand did not find a home on any previous IZZ album, these songs have been biding their time, waiting for their moment. Now they have it. 
We hope you enjoy listening to these songs as much as we enjoyed crafting, arranging and recording them. While these songs may not fit into a specific category, we trust that you will agree that they fit into the category known as IZZ."

Ampersand, Volume 2 is available for download on iTunes, Amazon and all other digital download retailers. Physical copies of the CD, (including a limited amount of autographed copies) will be available starting the week of October 24th in North America directly from the IZZ website.

1. Penelope
2. Fine
3. Burn (If You Let It)
4. Take Me by the Hand
5. The Telephone
6. Forever
7. Hail Double Knob, Children of Mars
8. Again and Again
9. 84th and Amsterdam
10. Ascension in Time
11. Spellbound in the Vortex
12. Ready to Go

Watch the lyric video for 'Fine':

You can buy the digital edition on Amazon, or pre-order the CD edition RIGHT HERE.
Source: Press release

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