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News: Spirits Burning Ensemble Featuring Members Of Gong, Hawkwind And Clearlight To Release New Album

Spirits Burning & Clearlight Feat. Members of GONG, Hawkwind & Clearlight To Release New Album “The Roadmap In Your Head”.

The Roadmap In Your Head is the 13th studio album from the Spirits Burning Space Rock collective, and the second to feature keyboardist Cyrille “Clearlight” Verdeaux. The album has a strong Gong presence, as it includes performances by four musicians from Gong's Radio Gnome Invisible Trilogy (Daevid Allen, Steve Hillage, Mike Howlett, Didier Malherbe), and four members of the current Gong (Ian East, Fabio Golfetti, Dave Sturt, Kavus Torabi). Clearlight is a project of French songwriter and composer Cyrille Verdeaux that blends classical romanticism and Prog Rock experimentation.

Says founding member and band leader Don Falcone:
Roadmap is a musical journey from the beginning of one possible day to the next, touching different styles of music along the way. Like the previous Spirits Burning & Clearlight album, the songs are primarily instrumental. The new album is also a salute to Daevid and what he has meant to Spirits Burning, as he has been part of every release, except one.”
Gong legend Daevid Allen, who sadly passed away in 2015, co-wrote two songs on this release. He sings on the closing track “Roadmaps,” and plays guitar on this track and the opening title track.

There are thirty-five musicians on Spirits Burning's “The Roadmap In Your Head.” Besides members of the Gong global family, there are some special new crewmembers: Paul Booth (who recorded his part while touring with Steve Winwood), Theo Travis (who has played with David Gilmour, Porcupine Tree, and Gong), Judy Dyble (who provided some autoharp flourishes), and Jonathan Segel from Camper Van Beethoven (who Don invited after discovering he was a Gong fan). Returning crewmembers include: Hawkwind family members Steve Bemand, Nik Turner, and Bridget Wishart, plus Albert Bouchard (BÖC). “The Roadmap In Your Head” was mastered by well known ambient recording artist Robert Rich.

The album is set to be released on November 4, 2016.

Track list:
1. The Roadmap In Your Head - 3:56
2. Sun Sculptor & The Electrobilities - 3:50
3. The Birth Of Belief - 8:38
4. Coffee For Coltrane - 6:58
5. Isolation In 10 80 - 2:55
6. Mrs. Noonness - 4:12
7. The Old College Sky Is Where We Left It - 1:28
8. Fuel For The Gods - 13:05
9. Early Evening Rain - 3:31
10. Black Squirrel At The Root Of The Staircase - 7:34
11. Outsiders Parachute In - 5:48
12. Déjà Vu - 2:25
13. La Rue Inconnue - 4:48
14. Roadmaps (The Other Way) - 5:59

You can order your copy on Amazon or through GONZO WEBSTORE.

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