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Interview: Roine Stolt (Exclusive)

Portuguese version HERE

Roine with The Flower Kings (2014)

Progshine – To start this interview I would like to put this question forward, because I've seen many comments regarding this topic. You've been working on several projects, Karmakanic is back, Hasse has been releasing records, Tomas too. Is Flower Kings still alive?

Roine Stolt – For the moment The Flower Kings is not active.  Let’s never say never - but right now I feel no  urge to  work  on any Flower Kings album or touring. There are so many other interesting avenues to go down - much more than Flower Kings.  As you say the other guys have their projects - and that was one of the problems for me - I wanted ONE band that we all worked hard  to take to the next level -
but it seemed that egos got in the way.  It’s very human -  part of  life - but  it made life very uncertain for me - and with the money I invested over the years  I just couldn’t see myself  investing more  emotionally or monetary - without the rest  following.

Progshine – So, moving on, I would like to start talking about your recent projects. Since 2014 you have had a pause from Flower Kings and you have recorded again with Transatlantic,  toured with Steve Hackett, recorded an álbum with Jon Anderson and put Kaipa back on the stage. Is the young Roine trying to fulfill dreams of the old days or just a 'I should do this things before it's not possible anymore'?

Roine – I try do things the way the offers comes up.   I had a great time touring with Steve Hackett - playing the old Genesis tunes and stuff from Acolyte etc.  - Steve is a wonderful guy and very generous.  - before that I had already started working with Jon Anderson - he is likewise a terrific guy - and I sometimes smile - because I see  so much of myself in him - we are really “brothers” in a way - the way we see  music
and all that is connected.  Jon is a perfectionist, just like me - very dedicated and a true artist.  As for Transatlantic - I have no idea - it’s not for me to say - but I doubt anything soon - or at all.

Transatlantic (2014)

Progshine – Now going into details. About the Transatlantic, how was the 2014 comeback album and tour, and how long do you expect Transatlantic working together?

Roine – The Whirlwind was a great experience - both album and the tour - that I regard as our best work our best playing and our  most relaxed time. The addition of Daniel Gildenlow live was genius-  The Kaleidoscope  was a good album but the way it was constructed a bit weird - the 100% “band feel” wasn’t in there - and that tour was successful, but same thing - there were moments not as great as “The Whirlwind” - The band has an almost infinity of  capacity - but not all is  realized - imho. Maybe we could(have) benefit from an outside producer.

Roine playing bass with Steve Hackett (2015)

Progshine – And about Steve Hackett. How was to tour with Steve and play all those Genesis songs? And not just that, you got to appear on a DVD and CD with Steve. How was the whole experience and how was it for you to play the bass, was it difficult to adapt to the instrument?

Roine – As said;  I had a great time touring with Steve Hackett for more than 85 shows in America & Europe -  I loved playing the old Genesis tunes and stuff like “Ace of Wands” from “Voyage of the Acolyte” etc.  - Steve & his wife Jo are wonderful people - I could tour forever with  these guys. I’ve known Steve for almost 10 years  and played on  his Genesis revisited 2  - and surely at the Royal Albert Hall show.  It has all been great.  Playing bass was extra fun for me - as I was initially a bass player at age 15  before switching to guitar at 18.  I loved doing that and playing Rutherfords bass lines on “Cinema Show”, “Get Them Out by Friday”   and “Firth Of Fifth” - on my Rickenbacker bass was cool.

Progshine – I imagine recording with Jon was a dream come true. How did this idea came up to be and for how long have you known Jon?

Roine – We  met once briefly backstage  at a ABWH  concert in 1989 ( I doubt he remember that… ) - but then again at the Carribean boat gig we both did - where
Transatlantic  joined  him and we played   an hour of YES music - including “Revealing Science” - “And You And I” , “Long Distance” and “Starship Trooper” .  - Our record company suggested I’d work with Jon on an album - and they didn’t have to ask me twice - and Jon responded  quickly to - so obviously we “connected” on that boat  gig - and rest is history. It’s been hugely popular and commercially successful. An album every Jon/Yes  fans should have.  It a “landmark” album as Jon would put it.

Progshine – And talking about 'Invention Of Knowledge',  was it intentional to have 4 long songs? Just like in the Yes days?

Roine – It all evolved  from a few basic ideas - and songs grew longer - and both of us were happy with the idea that it  became more of a symphony - or suite. Long form music is part of our DNA - both of us.

Progshine – Any chance of playing these songs in a live environment? Any chance of a tour with Jon at all?

Roine – Jon have spoken many times about it - Last we met (in London) he again said we must do this live - with a band & orchestra - a special  “installation” at  a selected  few cities - as soon as time and ARW permit.    I do  hope it materialize - we will have a fabulous band
and playing this album - maybe adding a few YES classics or even a few of Jon  or Jon/Vangelis tunes.

Progshine – Do you see yourself doing this kind of musical partnership in the future?

Roine – If you mean Jon &  myself - yes we have already started mapping out our next album.  I you mean in general - sure I can see myself
doing things like this - In particular a collaboration of writing and performing - as I did with Jon.  With Hackett it was more about realizing
live things that was very clear - stick arrangements, so not much room for  my own input.  But surely I’m open to all invites - (did you hear that Mr. McCartney ?)

Roine playing with Kaipa Da Capo (2016)

Progshine – About Kaipa Da Capo, I confess that I was confused when I heard about it at first, and I still am a bit, to be honest. This is not Kaipa, the band that has been releasing records again since the early 2000's, right? Can you please explain us a bit about it? Are there 2 Kaipa now?

Roine – This new Kaipa Da Capo is the original 70’s Kaipa members  :; Ingemar Bergman(drums) - Tomas Eriksson (Bass) , Roine Stolt(Guitar,vocal) - and new members Max Lorentz (Keyboards,vocal) and Michael Stolt (Vocal,guitars)
We made 3 classic albums in the 70’s - the band made 2 other albums after I left before caving in - then there was a big gap - of silence - Then  the bands keyboardist made a few albums again under the name of Kaipa (but thats another band - that is just  hired studio musicians and not a real live band ) -  So  Kaipa now exist in 2 entirely different versions - But this Kaipa DaCapo is a living band  that actually tours and play music together in the studio  and functioning like a democracy - just like  in the 70’s.

Progshine – And that takes us to ‘Dårskapens Monotoni’, your most recent release with Kaipa Da Capo. How was the process of writing the album?

Roine – We have been writing music all of us  for this new album - We have had a plan to make it less of a technical affair and more focus on the songs and the feel of the music. We wanted to make it very “organic” like records were made in the 60’s and 70’s. There is a retro  vibe going on, no doubt - but we try to  be open and  put the music in focus, not to make the retro thing a gimmick.  We have played the music together in a real studio and also on 90% real instruments including Hammond organ, grand piano, rhodes piano, pipe organ, sitar,harmonium,flute,dobro,lap steel,accordion,saxophone and of course all sorts of guitars and bass and drums.  

Progshine – I was really happy to see that 'Dårskapens Monotoni' was sung in Swedish, I love to hear bands from different parts of the word singing in their own languages. Was this an easy decision when writing new material for the album?

Roine – Yes - We wanted to sing in Swedish - because we used to in the old Kaipa days- but also to distinguish it from some of my other bands that  are entirely english lyrics…  From reviews I’ve seen it seems 99% think this was a great move - and salute it.

Kaipa Da Capo (2016)

Progshine – Are you going to tour with Kaipa Da Caipo to promote the album?

Roine – Yes we’re actually in rehearsals right now -  I’m  going there today for more practicing and getting ready for production rehearsals with full crew next week .  We will play  about half of new album plus another hour of old songs from 3 first albums ( 1975-79) - it will be a blast - and I enjoy so much to be able to play  old tunes like “Korståg”, “Sist På Plan”  and “Skenet Bedrar”  - it sounds so much  fuller and
better today than back then.   Sounds and technology of sound systems and amps have  taken giant leaps - we sound great today - and we can now have all the grand pianos and mellotrons etc. that we could not bring on the road back then.

Progshine – And for the future Roine? What do you think future holds for you? Do you have any plans already?

Roine – Right now I mix  alternative takes, 24/96kHz  and 5.1 surround mixes of the Anderson/Stolt  for a LTD edition  big art book
of this album .  It sounds insanely good at 24/96 and the mixes are clean up and  with way less compression - so dynamics are staggering. A must have for all Jon & all hiFi fans.  Then  I’m in a new recording/band/supergroup project that a still cannot reveal quite yet. But it will be  great  - or
da bomb as they say.

Progshine – Now, before we finish, I love to know more about my favorite artists and the music that makes them happy, so is it possible for you to give me a top 10 from your favorite Prog albums?

Roine – Well that’s a tricky one ……I love so much music -    some of it is prog - but much is not prog - but OK here are great prog albums:

Procol Harum - Shine on Brightly
Hansson & Karlsson - Man at The Moon
YES - Topographic Oceans
Genesis - The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway
Refugee - Refugee
Jon Anderson - Olias of Sunhillow
Vangelis - Mythodea
Gentle Giant - In a Glass House
Yes - Close to the Edge
ELP - Brian Salad Surgery

Progshine – First I would like to thank you for this interview and I would like to leave this last question to you. Feel free to give your message to the Lusophone community.

Roine – Be the light you want to see in others !


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