Tuesday, May 02, 2017


News: Progshine Records Is Proud To Announce Re-Releases From Dominican Republic Group El Trio

Progshine Records is proud to announce that Dominican Republic band El Trio is now part of our Roster of artists! All three studio albums of the band will be released in the Digital domain plus a live album and a brand new compilation.

Coming from Santiago in the Dominican Republic, El Trio's exciting new mix of genres is played by Jonatan Piña Duluc (vocals, guitar), Kilvin Peña (bass) and Johandy Ureña (drums).
With influences as disperse as Living Colour, Luis Alberto Spinetta, Screaming Headless Torsos and Luis Días El Trio's music is a genre-bending meld of influences that combines classic rock, Jazz, Prog, Latin troubadour and Afro-Dominican Folk. Their style has been called “hard to label”,”crossover-prog”,”Rock/jazz fusion”.

El Trio has remained alive in the Dominican “underground” scene since 2003, playing, recording and promoting a music that is very different from the country’s traditional radio and tv music, different from the glam-rock scene in the country`s capital which mostly influenced by American and British pop-rock and different from the traditional latin jazz that is played in festivals and high-class venues. The group is the only rock band from the city of Santiago that has remained active releasing albums and playing shows over the years, something which they have achieved with no more reward than the music itself. El Trio also belongs to the minority of bands from the Dominican Republic that chooses to develop a style of rock that acknowledges their cultural heritage as a Caribbean people.

Starting today - and throughout the whole month of May - El Trio's discography will be available through Progshine Records at modest prices.

You can order the first album by clicking on 'buy' on the player below or directly on our BANDCAMP PAGE.

The next albums will be available during the next weeks.

Source: Press release

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