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About Reviews:
Please be aware that Progshine receives both digital and physical albums, however, digital material will NOT be reviewed and will only be used on the Podcasts episodes.

If you want to have your album reviewed on Progshine it'll need to be on CD/DVD/Cassete or LP.

One more thing: it HAS to be the retail version of the album, that means exactly what people will get when they buy it. PROMOS WILL NOT BE REVIEWED, thank you!

One more thing, Progshine is NOT a job, I have limited time. I try to review every release I get, but sometimes it is not possible to do so. In the end I decide which releases I will review and which not. So please note that submitting an album is no guarantee it will be reviewed.
CDs will not be returned if there is no review published.

Every review will be promoted through Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Progarchives and Rate Your Music.